First & Second Vega..


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This is my first Vega I bought in 1985, a 1976 it had the original 4cyl that burned about one litre of oil in three miles, (had to go). I bought a done up 400 SB turbo 350 from of my brother, without a clue what I was getting myself into, I made my own motor mount out of 3/8 steel. I Bolted it to the front of the motor, and used hockey pucks for rubber mounts. All the running gear was stock from the front to the back , besides the motor and transmision (went through alot of U joints and spider gears) but it was fun. I more or less drove it till it died and junked it, Young and stupid.


Here I could only go about 10 miles per hour, because the front end was so low, pretty much pushing gravel. Kind of over heated.


This was my second Vega, a 1972. I bought this one in 1988. It had a 400 4spd Monza posi and front suspension, nice charcol grey paint, tinted windows and black int. Someone had done alot of work to it. The guy I got it from needed money to go to college, so he sold it to me for $400, and all I had to do was buy a wiring harnes from the auto wrecker, and put it in. It was very fast. I had this car only two years, as you can see from the pictures below, it doesn't fly too good. I went off a fifty foot bank and endoed a couple times. Was lucky to only break my leg!